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Date: 21th October'2021*

*Libra Today's Horoscope (September 24- October 23):- You will have a better chance of landing a job with a good reference, and you will be more likely to manage it. Subjects in which you excel will aid you in determining your future academic goals. If a sibling asks for assistance, go above and beyond for him or her. Avoid self-medicating to the point where you aggravate a condition you already have. You can apply for a home loan to purchase a home.

Love Focus: The marital situation may improve as you and your partner gain a better understanding of each other.

Lucky Number: 2

Lucky Colour: Grey

Friendly Numbers: 11

Friendly Zodiac Today: Aquarius

Libra October 2021 Horoscope

Your caring and guiding nature would instil a sense of goodness in your loved ones. Your powerful personality's assistance can be a guiding light for others while also being beneficial to yourself. Your attempts to strike a balance between growing your romantic relationship and yourself while remaining committed to your group partners or tasks may push you over the edge. As a result, you should spend your energy wisely. A sense of hopelessness and negative thinking can make it difficult to live a joyful and happy life. Certain situations may arise that require you to use your fatherly instincts. This may help your loved ones feel better and more secure.The support you give to others may bring you joy and contentment. This is a favorable time to take tasks off the back-seat. Get ready to welcome your new life with wide open arms. If you're doubtful about making a start, your first step would be to interpret your goals. You may feel like being tested by the world. Despite making a mark through your professional attainments, you may face situations wherein reminding your peers about your strength would be an unavoidable and crucial step. Your compulsive buying or spending money instinctively may lead you to do something unjustifiable. Hence, you need to be alert from falling prey into things which may cause issues for you. It is advisable to sit and examine your current physical state, this would help you to be full of energy and cheerful.

This Year 2021

 For Libra zodiac signs, the year 2021 will be one of the most auspicious. This year, the transits of Saturn and Jupiter, which are in squares and trine, respectively, are only going to increase the benevolence in your universe. In your personal life, Saturn will bring peace. Since the 4th house is aligned with the mother and domestic matters, you will find happiness and even peace at home. After a rather turbulent previous year, it will be a great year for most Libran natives.The only thing you'll have to be concerned about is your mother's wellbeing, particularly whether she's sick or elderly. What you have to do is provide prompt and soothing emergency assistance.

Libra natives may be shocked by the year 2021. With Jupiter's powerful position in Aquarius and its direct aspect on your zodiac sign, you should expect an increase in daily profits. You should also receive a bonus at your new work and a certificate of gratitude.


You would be overjoyed to obtain both monetary and verbal appreciation. There is expected to be an increase in your business profits if you are a native into business. You should search for a certain source of revenue to supplement your net business profits. The revenue stream would be optimistic.

 In reality, this is the best year for Librans who want to pursue higher education. Saturn's transit through Capricorn, as well as Jupiter's transit through Aquarius, would be optimistic. It will be a year in which you will be able to concentrate on your studies and even develop your retention skills. Jupiter's passage via Aquarius will enhance your artistic abilities, and if you join a creative competition, you are sure to win. The only piece of advice I can offer is to avoid being overconfident while competing.

If your work was a cause of tension last year, the year 2021 holds something exciting and meaningful for Librans.

Last year, there were several roadblocks that caused you to be dissatisfied with your life. You didn't like seeing those rays of sunshine that gave you hope for the future. Your career graph was mostly flat with some upward trends, which gave you some optimism. But now you can say goodbye to these stumbling blocks and intermittent success. The aspect of Saturn on the job house will inspire you to work hard, while the aspect of Jupiter on the house of benefits will guarantee that your actions advance slowly.As a result, your hard work and good fortune will balance each other, allowing you to achieve success in all of your endeavours.

This generosity can be evident in the fields of industry and self-employment as well. New tasks can help you gain respect and even provide you with a chance to demonstrate your abilities. This year is a great time to dig out the latent potential in your career graph.Shouldn't one be concerned with their own wellbeing in 2021, even though something seems to be in order? Yes, they need to be! And what could be more delightful than seeing all of your Libran energies conveniently channelled into achieving your desires rather than only dreams? Jupiter and Saturn, as well as symbol lord Venus, would be immensely beneficial. Your wellbeing would be excellent in assisting you in growing your endurance and immunity. The months of February, March, and April 2021 will be particularly favourable for improving your power because these planets will be in your favour.


In 2021, when Libran natives' wellbeing is fine, all of their energy can be channelled into fruitful action. In the year 2021, one such path would be accumulating wealth. Since all of your efforts can be expended on such things, Libran natives would be delighted to increase their capital. This is a good year to renovate your home, buy a second home, or participate in real estate developments to increase your equity participation. However, before engaging in investment activity, you may need to do some preliminary research.Finally, for natives considering marriage, 2021 is one of the most auspicious years to do so. Your family and close friends will be delighted by your decision and will stand with you and support you when the time comes.