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Date: 21th October'2021*

*Virgo Today's Horoscope (August 24-September 23):- On the academic front, you'll need to be a fighter and punch way above your weight class to succeed against all odds. If you enjoy trolling, stop; it is not in your best interests to hurt others; instead, try to leave a positive social media footprint. You will see positive results if you follow an exercise routine. Don't get into the habit of snitching on coworkers; it usually doesn't end well.

Love Focus: It will be extremely fulfilling to spend the day with your spouse reminiscing about your wedding day.

Lucky Number: 8

Lucky Colour: Creamy White

Friendly Numbers: 5

Friendly Zodiac Today: Pisces

Virgo October 2021 Horoscope

The combined influence of Jupiter and Saturn may bring some noteworthy changes this month. The planets and their effects may bring a sense of enthusiasm, as your career seems to be heading towards the positive direction during the month. Business entrepreneurs may get good chances to win some high level deals. If you have been working on a serious project, you must roll up your sleeves to face difficulties as the month advances. Mercury may support you to surpass all the barriers and enrich your position as the month approaches its end. With planet Venus, there are chances of getting lucrative opportunities to enhance your financial status. Planning sharply and making rational moves may grant beneficial monetary gains with the month’s advancement. Be cautious regarding money matters during the second half of the month. You must refrain from give and take of money, as Mars may have an ill effect. You can relax as the end of the month would bring some opportunities to improve your earnings. Mars and Venus are likely to bring spark to your love life this month. However, your lack of flexibility may endanger your relationship. As the month progresses, everything would start falling into place. During the last phase, you need to remain cautious about not stretching or escalating small issues. There are chances of experiencing beautiful romantic moments during the end of the month. Favorable planetary impacts may help you succeed in your academics this month. You can head forward taking the mentor’s support. There are chances of getting overseas admission if you are trying for that. Health may go through some imbalances during this month. It is advisable to be vigilant about some old health problems as the month progresses, especially if you have got a lifestyle lingering disease.

This Year 2021

This year will be a good year for you, and you will be looking forward to some positive changes in your life. Whatever you do, innovation and passion will pour. You'll get a renewed curiosity in your life as well. However, if things are going well this year, it is important that you realise and know what you are letting yourself into and what you hope to get out of it. Before you take a move forward, you must first assess the worth. You must find openings early and react quickly to them, otherwise you will miss the ferry. Don't be overconfident. 

About the middle of the year, you may feel a different kind of strain, one that has nothing to do with your attitude or your resources. It would be more about mental output than physical output. Make sure you don't lose your composure when planning a new move or making a major decision. Because of the enormous inflow of talent this year, you are likely to feel under pressure to come up with fresh ideas and make them work. You will also experience an extraordinary amount of anxiety to organise your life and resources.

 However, you will develop a deeper understanding of your life, and the interactions you have in the middle of the year may allow you to make some wise decisions that will help you feel more successful in the world.

This year has the potential to be a pivotal year for overcoming setbacks through hard work and perseverance. You may want a more secluded atmosphere at times, and you may want to think more intensely about different topics in your life, and these feelings may be particularly intense in the second half of the year. This method of redefining your life and aspirations will provide insight into how to go on with your life.

 Planetary alignments in the final months of the year will make you a philanthropist. This year, your intelligence will be the secret to your success. Your imagination, as well as the flood of thoughts that spout from inside you, will propel you to prosperity.

This year will be a season where you mentally reorganise your internal and exterior universes. Though this year will be encouraging and optimistic for the most part, there will be times when you are attracted by some unexplained anxiety or odd feelings.

To comprehend the complexity of everything around you, you must use logic as a guide. There could be inconsistencies in your reasoning or judgments, and only wisdom and research will be able to help you figure them out. If you apply logic in the right way and for the right reasons, you will certainly achieve insight and prosperity. All else will be a matter of time until you've learned the fundamentals. This is the time to see the larger picture.