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Acharya Kamal Sharma

Skills: Vedic Astrology, Gemology, Horoscope, 

Languages: Hindi, Sanskrit

Total Exp: 9 Years

About me

Acharya kamal sharma is a respected astrologer with more than 9 years of experience in the world of astrology. He is an authority in Vedic astrology, Gemology, Palmistry, Horoscope. He claims that Astrology is the study of various astronomical phenomena, such as stars and planets, and their effects on human life. The location of the sun, the stars, the moon and the planets at the time of birth (not their conception) has a strong relation to the whole life of a human. In reality, these factors form a person's future. With his extensive expertise and experience, he has been helping people from the last 12 years. Besides all these stuff, he's also a personal life coach who will give you advice on your current and future life. He is also a specialist for  Match Making, Name Right Consultation ,  Marriage Consultation, Profession and Industry, Love and Partnership, Wealth and Land, Muhurat Consultation, Career Concerns and much more. It treats its customers very nice and the solutions it supplies are very simple and reliable, allowing the people to live in comfort and security.

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