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AnanthaPadmanabha K.R.

Skills: Vedic Astrology, Astro Psycho, 

Languages: Kanadda

Total Exp: 5 Years

About me

I am Ananthapadmanabha K.R. age 42. We are astrologers from our fathers (ancestors)

I am also graduated , I am  studying in Bharathiya Vidya bhavan Bangalore astrology and practicing .from professionally past 5 years.l am  specialised in Astro-psycho, family related issues, career oriented Match making mahurtha fixing.

Lots of people succeeded in their life with our Astro guidelines.

Reviews: (Avg Rating : 4.2)

Customer Reviews

Abhishek Raut (2121-08-06)


Kuch Bhi (2121-08-02)

Good And accurate

ANUPAMA (2021-03-01)

Great reading n advice.

KALPANA (2021-03-02)

Honest reading- thank you

ATUL (2021-03-02)

Hope all gets better.

NAKUL (2021-02-18)


DEEKSHA (2021-03-04)

You’re awesome thanks so much

lkj (2020-03-25)


TARAN (2021-02-28)

he was good and Direct

prajakta dharmadhikari (2121-07-30)

not worth