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Astro Aparna Dwivedi

Skills: Vedic Astrology, Tarot Reading, 

Languages: Hindi, English

Total Exp: 5 Years

About me

I am an Astrologer ,palmist and Tarot card reader. I have more 5 years of experience in Astrology. Not only detailed forecasts, but even remedies and appropriate gems can be given for you. She specialized in Kundali reading, Tarot Reading,  gemology. She has helped many people live a successful life with her reliable prediction and solutions for the different problem. She has supported consumers with fair success with competent guidance. In matters of love, marriage, work, finance, investment, corporation, fitness, training and so on clients may pursue their useful astrological guidelines.

Astrologer is my passion which I turned into my profession. In mystic science my expertise is in Astrology.

Reviews: (Avg Rating : 4.4444444444444)

Customer Reviews

radha (2021-09-21)

accurate on some point

PRIYA (2021-09-08)

Smart answer

kriti (2021-03-01)

Amazing and so grateful. thankyou

ankita (2021-02-28)

Astro Aparna Dwivedi was scarily accurate!

neha singh (2021-03-03)

She immediately picked up my concerns and provided me with positive feedback! 5 stars for accuracy.

raman (2021-02-27)

Very helpful and was accurate with what is going on in my life

saroj (2021-02-27)

Fast and honest. thankyou

akhil (2021-02-21)

very good.

lalit (2021-03-01)

thank you