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Astro Nandita Awasthi

Skills: Vedic Astrology, Gemology, 

Languages: Hindi, English

Total Exp: 8 Years

About me

Presently, working as a Vedic astrologer and gained over 7 years of experience in the field of Astrology. I have worked with multiple leading organizations of Astrological fields. I have given consultations to many clients and prepared astrological reports to provide them “the guidance” so that they could take the right decisions in their life’s path. The consultations include the areas related to marriage, love, career, Mangalik Dosha, Sade Sati, Horary or any query related to client’s problem. It makes me happy assisting my clients and resolving their issues/queries. I took interest in writing too, so started writing blogs and astrological content on their multiple websites. I did also the course of 'Jyotish Acharya' from Bhartiya Vidya Bhawan too.


Before completely moving into the field of Astrology, I also worked with multiple organizations in the operations department as I did my graduation in mathematics (B.Sc) and later completed MBA from New Delhi Institute of Management in the stream of Finance and started working in MNCs like Home Credit India, Onicra Credit Rating, Capricot Technologies, Teleperformance India etc. I did not find satisfaction in my work as I have one thing in my mind, “Work where you pursue your hobby rather getting the experiences of useless objects to nullify your hobby”. Everybody has his own talent and he will be expertise too in his talent, other areas seem to be useless for him. Serving for a long time to the least interested or not interested area will vanish your true talent one day. Once I moved into Astrology, I found that’s the area which has given me a different outlook to perceive things in a different manner. It has given me the path of spiritualism and a complete transformation of my soul. By means of astrology, I got a proper vision to visualize things and started consulting my clients across the globe.

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Customer Reviews

HONNY (2021-02-28)

What she predicted a year ago was correct

anmol (2121-03-08)

Honest, fast and kind

MOHAN (2021-03-01)


anukant (2021-03-02)

Accurate to some point, let's see what happens.