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Skills: Tarot Reading, Palmistry, Horoscope, Tarot Reading, 

Languages: Hindi, English

Total Exp: 2 Years

About me

Poonam is a renowned astrologer with ab experience of two years. She is helping people in career, love and relationship and major aspects of life. She is also a well versed psychic reader. You can connect with her to have a proper understanding of life and issues and have more surety. Her main motto is to serve humanity.

After struggling a lot initially in her own life she came in contact with her inspiration Parul who was an astrologer and who guided her and solved her issues and due to which she gained her interest in astrology and now herself is a good astrologer

Reviews: (Avg Rating : 4.8)

Customer Reviews

tanu (2121-11-18)

got my answer thankyou

tanya (2121-11-18)


Shivam Shukla (2121-08-17)

good conversation

Asha Arjugade (2121-08-17)

quick the point answers

Durga Venkat (2121-08-15)

Nice session

vishal dhateria (2121-07-28)

very good

Deepak Tripathi (2121-07-28)

best astrologers.. go for it ..

Divya Nigam (2121-07-19)


akash (2121-11-18)

great session

Lord Krishna (2121-10-27)