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Rajeev kumar

Skills: NADI Astrology, Vedic Astrology, Horary, Numerology, Gemology, 

Languages: Hindi, English

Total Exp: 6 Years

About me

 I am Rajeev Kumar, an astrologer with a specialization in Nadi, Vedic and Horary astrology.I provide astrological guidance to several people every day using my experience and knowledge of Astrological remedies that are scientific and accurate in natureA number of people have benefitted in the recent past as I informed them about their hidden potential after studying and exploring their birth charts. It has helped them in re-arranging their lives and starting afresh to attain success, which was elusive for a time. To serve humanity with the help of Astrology is my aim. Basically, I am a trained Mechanical Engineer but astrology has been my passion since childhood and I love to read horoscopes as it gives me immense pleasure to see someone getting rid of his/her troubles by using my guidance and remedies.I understand the challenges faced by people in today's life and provide consultation and guidance concerning education, career, marriage, childbirth, match-making, foreign travel, birth time rectification, name suggestion/correction, Muhurat 'shubh' number for vechicles, mobile phones etc.I also work on the Horary (prashna kundli) for those whose birth details are not available.After working as an astrologer for a long time, I am of the view that obstacles in our lives could be removed by using astrological remedies.Get your life explored to know and live it meaningfully..

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Customer Reviews

prajakta dharmadhikari (2222-02-19)

good accuracy and prediction

Divya Nigam (2222-01-26)

nice talking

Ketan Kothari (2222-01-24)

Great prediction

Divya Nigam (2121-12-24)


Naveen rana (2121-12-15)


Manu Jain (2121-11-27)


samrat rony (2121-11-19)


pachimatla pallavi (2121-11-18)

Thanku sir..very positive vibes

Santram Gulati (2121-11-16)

thank you

Lord Krishna (2121-11-16)