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Ravinder Singh

Skills: Tarot Reading, Psychic Reader, 

Languages: Hindi, English, Punjabi

Total Exp: 20 Years

About me

Ravinder Singh is a well-known Delhi astrologer. With a penchant for Vedic Science, he has always sought the road of self-discovery. He is completely immersed in the science of divination and self-discovery. He has routinely attended Astrology workshops. I've also read a lot of books and studied this field on my own as well as with the help of qualified Jyotishacharyas. He believes in keeping things simple and guiding people in a straightforward manner. Predictions are made using Divisional Charts, Ashtakvarga, and other techniques. Also, your planets' Nakshatra placements. Rahu and Ketu's dance is active in your horoscope. Throughout his work, he frequently encountered the slogan WORK SMART and believed in it.

Reviews: (Avg Rating : 4.25)

Customer Reviews

vishakha (2121-11-18)

prediction is very good

priyanka (2121-11-18)

accurate prediction wow

preeti (2121-11-18)


lkj (2020-03-25)