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Astro Akagra sharma

Skills: Vedic Astrology, Lal Kitab, Vastu, Gemology, Love problems, Pooja Specialist, 

Languages: Hindi, Punjabi

Total Exp: 25 Years

About me

In India, Astro Akagra sharma practices vedic astrology. He enjoys assisting his clients in times of need. His readings are spirit-guided, and he adheres to Astrology ethics in order to bring stability to people's lives. His main goal, however, is to provide you with clarity and insight into your life, as well as spiritual knowledge of the various energies that are revolving around us. You can also contact him for Marriage Consultation, Career and Business Consultation, Love and Relationship Consultation, Wealth and Property Consultation, Career Issues, and much more. The remedies he offers are simple and effective, and they have been proven to be accurate the majority of the time.

Reviews: (Avg Rating : 4.4)

Customer Reviews

Md Shahwez (2222-02-17)

Thank you sir for solving the problem.

Rohit Shorey (2121-08-04)


mohit (2021-03-01)

fast response & Straight forward.thanx

ramendra (2021-03-02)


sikhar (2021-03-01)

Great update, he’s one of the best.

Akagra Sharma (2121-08-09)


Prashant Gupta (2121-08-04)


ratnesh (2021-03-02)

Clear advice. That is insightful. Thank you

shreshi (2021-02-28)

Super direct and fast response

Akay Sharma (2121-11-30)